Lipstick on a Piggie


Hello and welcome to Lipstick on a Piggie! I hope you enjoy your stay!

I’ve been blogging on and off for quite a few years, and never thought I would start a makeup and skincare blog. While I do purchase a good amount of makeup (enough to qualify me for Sephora’s VIB program), I typically only wear makeup during special occasions and holidays. In fact, most of my days are spent barefaced, as my husband has repeatedly told me that I look my best with minimal to no makeup. I also work in a hospital setting, where most of those around me don’t bother with makeup since we’re hot messes by the end of the day anyway!

While I don’t use a lot of makeup, I do follow a rather dedicated skincare routine. I’ve suffered from acne since I was a teenager, and have tried antibiotics, oral meds, light treatments, facials, everything. After a prescription of Differin gel caused a several acne breakout several years ago, I started seeing an esthetician whose products miraculously cleared up my face. While my skin was far from perfect thanks to scarring, I stuck with this regimen to ensure my face stayed reasonably pimple-free until after my wedding.

Since getting married, I’ve been much more open to trying out new makeup and skincare items. While researching BB creams to try out, I stumbled onto reddit’s Asian Beauty community, dedicated to various Asian skincare products (mostly K-beauty). Long story short, I got sucked in by the promise of natural, glowing skin and cute product packaging!

On this blog, I’ll be documenting my newly embarked upon skincare journey and share reviews of various products in hopes you’ll find it useful (or at least amusing). Hoping I don’t break out!

Thank you for visiting, and hope you come back again soon!