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Top Alternatives to Clarisonic

Top Alternatives to Clarisonic
Skincare Routine and Clarisonic

This morning, my husband turned to me and said, “Clarisonic is going out of business.” My immediate reaction was, “WHAT?!” I suppose I’ve been living under a rock for the past few months, but it still surprises me when my husband knows more about beauty and fashion news than I do.

Clarisonic was my first face brush, and one with which I had a love/hate relationship. I remember purchasing it roughly a decade ago after hearing rave reviews from a Sephora representative. While it certainly cleaned up the pores on my nose (a perpetual problem area), my face broke out with cystic acne within a week. I eventually figured out I was over-exfoliating my face and switched to a softer brush and once a day use.

Afterwards, I actually ended up using the Clarisonic on a regular basis for several years, only to stop when I was transitioning to an Asian skincare routine. Then I had surgery and subsequent steroid-induced cystic acne, so the Clarisonic went into my bathroom drawer and I forgot about it.

To be honest, with the exception of my nose pores, I haven’t seen much a difference in my skin from discontinuing the Clarisonic. While the device kept my nose clear, it was a pain to clean and not exactly travel friendly (I had the original model). Also, brush replacements quickly added up in price (though Amazon sells generic brands for much cheaper). Regardless, Clarisonic was an innovator and huge name in the skincare industry for over a decade and it’s sad to see them go.

I know that many Clarisonic fans are scrambling to stock up before the company officially closes on September 30, 2020. The official Clarisonic site, along with beauty retailers Sephora and Ulta, are offering massive sales on devices and brushes. There are also a number of people reselling devices and brushes on eBay, Poshmark, and Mercari. If you are still interested in trying Clarisonic, or need to get brushes, now is your chance before they are gone for good.

With Clarisonic shutting down, what options are left for facial brushes? There are actually plenty. Below are a list of top alternatives to Clarisonic.

Top Alternatives to Clarisonic

Top Alternative to Clarisonic #1: PMD Clean Smart Facial Cleaning Device

While known for their microdemabrasion devices, PMD also makes facial cleaning brushes. The PMD Clean Smart Facial Cleaning Device is made with waterproof silicone that is odor-resistent and hypoallergenic. It’s easy to clean and never needs to be replaced, saving you money on costly replacement brushes.

In terms of the the “Sonic Cleaning”, the PMD advertises four speed/vibration settings with up to 7000 vibrations per minute. While not as many as Clarisonic’s advertised 200 to 350 movements per second, I imagine that 7000 vibrations is still more effective at cleaning your skin than manual scrubbing.

I actually received the exact device pictured above in a recent CAUSEBOX, and will post a review once I write one. So far, I’ll say that it’s definitely easier to use and clean than a Clarisonic. One of my favorite features is that this brush is double sided, with the non-brush side perfect for massaging in my face products (other PMD models feature a luxurious Rose Quartz heated side). While this device is larger than the Forea LUNA fofo I’ll be discussing below, it’s still more travel friendly than my Clarisonic ever was!


Models of PMD Clean Smart Facial Cleaning Device

Original PMD Clean (comes in many different colors)

PMD Clean Pro RQ (Rose Quartz)

PMD Clean Pro OB (Obsidian)

PMD Clean Pro (comes in different colors)

Top Alternative to Clarisonic #2: Foreo Luna

FOREO is a brand from Sweden that formed in 2013, several years after Clarisonic. Since then, they have easily become the leading brand in face brush technology (with success in electronic toothbrushes as well). Through their LUNA line, FOREO combines sonic cleaning technology with the antimicrobial properties of silicone, creating a portable and easy to clean device which eliminates the need for replacement heads.

In addition, what makes FOREO’s LUNA unique is its use of bluetooth technology. Certain models, such as the LUNA 3 pictured above, let you actually control vibration intensity using your cellphone via the FOREO app, creating a customized experience. The LUNA fofo has 24k gold plated sensors which measures your skin’s moisture levels and provides your skin’s “age” using the FOREO app. For those of you who don’t need that much fancy bluetooth technology in your face brushes, there are models such as the LUNA 2, LUNA 2 Mini, and LUNA Play Plus.


I was fortunate enough to receive a FOREO LUNA fofo from a subscription box and will be posting a review when I get around to it. My first impression is that the vibrations are not as strong as my PMD. However, the FOREO LUNA is hands down the more travel friendly of the two. It fits in my palm and I absolutely love how adorable it is.

FOREA LUNA fofo side with gold plated sensors
My FOREA LUNA fofo (featuring the side with the gold plated sensors)

Sizewise, the LUNA fofo is the same size as the LUNA Play Plus. However, the fofo has the aforementioned gold plated sensors which measure skin moisture and age. If you need a super portable, travel-friendly face brush, the LUNA 2 Mini and LUNA fofo are definitely it.

Models of FOREO LUNA

FOREO LUNA 3 (in lavender purple for sensitive skin and baby blue for combination skin)

The FOREO LUNA 3 is the same size as the LUNA 2 but has features such as longer and softer bristles, longer battery life (650 uses per charge), and compatibility with the FOREO app, which allows you to create your own customized face washing routine.

FOREO LUNA 2 (in baby blue for combination skin, light pink for normal skin, lavender purple for sensitive skin, black for men, and cerulean blue for oily skin.


The LUNA Mini 3 is essentially the same size as the LUNA Mini 2 but has a number of updated features such as a improved battery life, 12 vibration settings, longer and softer bristles, and a feature called “Find my LUNA”.


FOREO LUNA play plus


As previously stated, the FOREA LUNA play plus and fofo are the same size. However, the fofo has gold sensors which measure your skin’s moisture levels and gives you feedback via the FOREO app.

FOREO App View
I definitely need to moisturize more

Top Alternatives to Clarisonic: Conclusion

Honestly, I never expected Clarisonic to go out of business. I considered them the leaders in skin brushes for years. While it’s a bummer, there are plenty of promising options out there.

Do you use a face brush? For Clarisonic uses, what are you plans for when your brushes are no longer available?