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Top 5 Ingredients to Include in Your Asian Beauty Skincare Routine

Part of the beauty of an Asian skincare routine is the ability to customize and pick ingredients that work for your skin’s needs. However, picking from the multitude of products can be rather overwhelming. Where does one start? As someone prone to acne, I learned early on to pay attention to ingredient lists and keep track of what causes me …

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Starting an Asian Skincare Routine

About 10 years ago, I flew Korean Airlines for several round trips to the Philippines. During each flight, my mom would comment on the flight attendants and how perfect their skin looked. We attributed their complexions to winning the genetic lottery and didn’t think much of it afterwards. A decade later, I discover the Asian Beauty subreddit while looking at makeup reviews and am reminded of those …

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December 2016 Skincare RoutineSkincare Routine

My Skincare Routine: December 2016

I’d like to share with you my current skincare routine, which hasn’t changed much in the past 2 years. I currently buy all my products through my esthetician which isn’t cheap, so we’ll see what products change as I try out Asian skincare items. Morning Routine Ultra Gentle Cleanser by Face Reality: Face Reality is a Bay Area acne clinic that sells …

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