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First Memebox Haul

Merry Christmas to me! A few days ago, I received my first order form, a San Francisco based company that sells Korean beauty products. I’ve been eyeing products on their site for quite a while now, but decided to bite with their holiday sales. It also helped that someone on the Asian Beauty subreddit was generous enough to send …

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Cerave PMMoisturizers, Product Reviews

Product Review: CeraVe PM

As stated in my previous post, an Asian Skincare Routine does not necessitate the use of only Asian products. That said, the first product I will be reviewing is CeraVe PM, a Western moisturizer that is very popular among members of the Asian Beauty subreddit due to its multitasking properties, low price point, and availability. (Note: This post may contain affiliate links. If …

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5 ingredients to include in your Asian Beauty Skincare Routine CollageSkincare Routine

Starting an Asian Skincare Routine

About 10 years ago, I flew Korean Airlines for several round trips to the Philippines. During each flight, my mom would comment on the flight attendants and how perfect their skin looked. We attributed their complexions to winning the genetic lottery and didn’t think much of it afterwards. A decade later, I discover the Asian Beauty subreddit while looking at makeup reviews and am reminded of those …

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Lipstick on a PiggieUncategorized


Hello and welcome to Lipstick on a Piggie! I hope you enjoy your stay! I’ve been blogging on and off for quite a few years, and never thought I would start a makeup and skincare blog. While I do purchase a good amount of makeup (enough to qualify me for Sephora’s VIB program), I typically only wear makeup during special occasions and …

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