CAUSEBOX Spring 2020
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CAUSEBOX Spring 2020 Box Review + $10 Code

CAUSEBOX Spring 2020 Review

In an attempt to get back to blogging on a more semi-regular basis, I figured I’d start with the backlog of products I’ve never gotten around to reviewing. For today’s blog post, I’ll be reviewing CAUSEBOX, one of my subscription boxes.


(Note: This post contains affiliate links. If you click a link and/or make a purchase I get a small commission. Thank you for your support!)

CAUSEBOX is a quarterly subscription box service that focuses on ethical beauty, fashion, and home products. Per their website, “We are: community focused, ethically made, environmentally conscious, for women, and impact driven.” Sustainability is super important to CAUSEBOX, and they work with multiple small companies that reflect their philosophy.

There are two types of CAUSEBOX subscriptions: quarterly and annual. The quarterly subscription costs $54.95, which is paid on the 1st of the month your CAUSEBOX is shipped. While the quarterly option does not allow you to customize your box, you can cancel at anytime before the 1st of the CAUSEBOX shipping month.

The annual CAUSEBOX requires subscribers to pay $199.80 upfront. This covers four seasonal boxes (Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter) for a total of $49.95 per box. In additional to the $5 discount per box, annual members receive access to CAUSEBOX Custom. This allows you to select certain products (i.e. beauty products, bags/clothes of specific colors, etc) for you box, as opposed to receiving random products. While the annual membership is non-refundable, it also gives you some choice and customizability.

If you’re interested in giving CAUSEBOX a try, feel free to use my referral link for $10 off a new subscription purchase.

CAUSEBOX Spring 2020

I decided to give CAUSEBOX a try after seeing a targeted ad on social media and falling in love with several of the products. Since I wanted to guarantee specific colors and types of products, I opted for the annual membership. Below are the products I received:

Known Supply Weekender in Terra Cotta Orange

Known Supply Weekender in Terra Cotta Orange, retail price $108

This weekender bag from Known Supply single-handedly got me to sign up for a CAUSEBOX annual subscription so I could request the gorgeous terra cotta color. I have a weakness for all things orange (especially burnt orange) and travel friendly, and this bag has both.

This weekender duffle is handmade using durable, high quality cotton canvas. What makes it unique is you can learn more about the person who made your bag, along with an opportunity to send a thank you message to them. In this world of fast fashion, we often forget the human impact of the goods we purchase.

While no longer available on Known Supply, the company is worth checking out for their other clothing and accessories. If you’re like me and really want this bag, you can find it on websites such as eBay, Poshmark, and Mercari.

Scentuals Rosemary Mint Hand Cream

Scentuals Rosemary Mint Hand Repair Cream. Retails for $8.72.

As someone who washes her hands frequently, and now more than ever thanks to a pandemic, I appreciate a good hand cream. Scentuals Rosemary Mint Hand Repair Cream moisturizes and nourishes hands using 100% natural and organic ingredients such as cocoa butter, shea butter, organic argan oil, almond oil, and aloe. The squeeze tube and size are perfect for throwing in your bag for travel.

Available on the Scentuals website and Amazon.

Cardea Auset Calm Mood Mist

Cardea Auset’s Calm Mood Mist is an aromatherapy spray with witch hazel, lavender, bergamot, and frankincense. According to the product description on the website, “Mist when you need a moment of relaxation, before meditation, and on your pillow for a good night’s sleep.” I’ve actually sprayed this mist on my pajamas and bedsheets and love the soothing, yet not overpowering scent. I personally would not pay $30 for this, so am glad I was able to pick this as one of my CAUSEBOX customizations.

Available on the Cardea Auset website.

Bloom and Give Malabar Scarf

Bloom and Give Malabar Scarf. Retails for $50.

According to the product website, “This scarf is woven in a traditional hand-operated loom in South India. Hand-loomed cotton from this region is renowned for its rich texture and high absorption capacity and is commonly used to make towels and airy apparel.” I love how light, fluffy, versatile, and travel friendly this scarf is, and I also love how the the Bloom and Give website has videos on different ways to wear this scarf. This is one item I look forward to wearing once I can travel again!

Available on the Bloom and Give website.

Fosterie Layered Gem Necklace

Fosterie Layered Gem Necklace. Retails for $42.

The next item from my CAUSEBOX is Fosterie’s Layered Gem Necklace. I have the option of this or a pair of earrings, but since I rarely wear earrings I opted for this necklace instead. Per the website, this necklace is made with glass crystal and features gold plated brass, zinc/alloy base metal, and a tarnish resistant lacquer coating for longevity. I wouldn’t consider this a statement necklace by any means, but it’s a versatile piece to accessorize a work or casual outfit.

Available on the Fosterie website.

Artisan Direct Sustainable Grocery Starter Kit

Unfortunately, reusable bags aren’t allowed at many grocery stores around here until the pandemic ends. When that happens, I plan on using these 100% cotton shopping bags from Artisan Direct. I love how they resemble plastic mesh bags, which would be perfect for carrying garlic, onions, and other fresh produce.

S’well Water Bottle

S’well Water Bottle. Retails for $35.

Last, but certainly not least, is this green 18 ounce S’well water bottle. This was the last spoiler released by CAUSEBOX a definitely a pleasant surprise, as I’ve seen them in store and know how expensive they are. According to the S’well website, this stainless steal, screwtop bottle keeps drinks cold for up to 48 hours and hot for 24. This makes it perfect for long days at work, road trips, hikes, lounging on the couch, or keeping on your nightstand in case you get thirsty at night. I also love the shape of this bottle, which is easy to hold and fits nicely in car cup holders.

Available on the S’well website and Amazon.

Final Thoughts

CAUSEBOX Spring 2020 Products
CAUSEBOX Spring 2020 Box. I love the postcard!

Overall, I can’t complain about receiving over $273 of goodies for $49.95. I’m most excited about using that gorgeous orange weekender bag once I can travel again!

The second best part of signing up for an annual membership is I’ll get to do this again three more times. I can’t wait!

Once again, if you’re interested in giving CAUSEBOX a try, feel free to use my referral link for $10 off a new subscription purchase! Thank you!