1. I keep mine simple – a cleanser, micellar water/make-up wipes if my make-up is being stubborn, exfoliator, day/night moisturiser, with SPF in my day cream, and a serum! I also try and drink lots of water and eat things that are good for it. (translate that as: I eat a lot of sushi, because sushi = fish = Omega 3’s = good for your hair – at least, that’s what I tell myself.)

    1. lipstickonapiggie

      I’ve never tried micellar water, but I’ve heard great things about it. I definitely don’t drink enough water and made it a goal to change that this year! Any excuse to eat sushi is a great one!

  2. […] Starting Treatment Essence – Rose Edition. This was the second essence I purchased (after the Manyo Factory one) in an attempt to find a galactomyces ferment filtrate product comparable to the SK-II Facial […]

  3. […] the five main Asian beauty skincare ingredients I recommend, galactomyces ferment filtrate is probably my favorite. This fermented yeast is known […]

  4. […] Elizavecca 24K Gold Waterdew Snail Mask Pack: Available from Amazon […]

  5. […] I will be reviewing another product from my first Memebox Haul: Elizavecca’s 24K Gold Waterdew Snail Mask Pack. This mask is chock fill of beneficial skin […]

  6. […] typically use this mask as the final step of my evening skincare routine. Upon first trying it out I found it quite moisturizing and noticed no irritation or discomfort. […]

  7. […] ferment filtrate is my favorite of the five main Asian beauty skincare ingredients I use. This fermented yeast is found in Japan’s luxury SK-II line and known for its brightening […]

  8. […] This sunscreen was surprisingly difficult to find as it seemed to be sold out everywhere. I finally managed to get my hands on the new 2017 formulation, which I plan to use as soon as I run out of my 2015 one. You can read my review of this suncreen here: Product Review: Bioré UV Aqua Rich Watery Essence […]

  9. Well, I’ve tried ramen and it’s better than make-up.

    That’s quite a haul, though! I do want to try that mascara.

    1. lipstickonapiggie

      As much as I like my skincare and makeup, I have to agree that ramen is so much better!

  10. […] Secret Key Starting Treatment Essence Rose Edition: Hard to find, but available from Ebay and YesStyle […]

  11. […] Manyo Factory Galactomyces Niacin Special Treatment Essence: Available from Amazon […]

  12. […] trèStiQue has been a personal favorite of mine since Generation Beauty 2015 when I learned about their travel-friendly multitasking makeup. While I generally try to avoid buying extra products during these events, I ended up buying their Matte Color and Shiny Balm Lip Crayon in Florence Fig and Rose Balm back then, and it’s still a staple in my purse to this day. This year, they really upped their game by giving away full-size samples of their Tint, Moisturize, & Blend Face Stick, which I will do a full review on sometime soon! (*UPDATE* You can now read my review here: Product Review: trèStiQue Tint, Moisturize, Blend Face Stick) […]

  13. […] NYX was one of this year’s “Diamond Brands” which (next to MAC) had one of the longest lines of the weekend. However, it was worth it to get their new Ultimate Multi-Finish Shadow Palette in Warm Rust, which was completely sold out when I went to the mall today. I’m also planning a full review of this product, but as someone who’s a sucker for the color orange and everything travel friendly, I’ll just say that this palette alone may be enough to get me to start wearing makeup regularly again. (*UPDATE* You can now read my review here: Product Review: NYX Ultimate Multi Finish Shadow Palette in Warm Rust) […]

  14. […] The colder weather does not mean that you’re less at risk for sunburn and photoaging from UV rays. Always make sure to wear sun protection product, even when it’s cloudy outside. The one I use is Bioré UV Aqua Rich Watery Essence. […]

  15. […] Stratia is an indie skin care brand founded by Alli Reed, also known as The Acid Queen. Her company is based out of Los Angeles and produces a number of high quality skin care products that are popular among members of the Asian beauty community. I’ve been using Stratia Gold for over a year and need to place an order for another bottle soon. I’m also planning to try the Soft Touch AHA as a possible alternative to the Face Reality Mandelic Acid Serum in my current skin care routine. […]

  16. […] saw this adorable Sailor Moon lip balm by Creer Beaute during my Japan trip but skipped it because I had already purchased a lip product. Now that I know that this is a […]

  17. […] in its granule form is a natural exfoliant. In addition, it’s also a humectant, which is a type of moisturizer. While the Skinfood Black Sugar Perfect Cleansing Oil has no sugar […]

  18. Thanks for the article. I will show this to my friend who is interested in beauty. She wants to start a beauty blog.

  19. Priya

    Loved your blog!! Great in depth detail. Here from quora.

  20. Lil

    I saw your response on Quora too and am so glad you provided a link to your blog! This is wonderful information- thank you and keep up the great work!

  21. Kaitlin Lewis

    I wish these products are part of the Clean Beauty Community because then I would buy them, but since they have Talc and some other stuff that is not good for the skin or Vegan then I am not.

  22. Suraiya Sultana

    Is stratia vegan brand?

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